Back to School with PPC Basics

Get your pencils, paper and book bags ready, we’re getting back to PPC basics with our week-long blog series. We get so consumed with writing about advanced PPC topics that we forget there are numerous beginner PPC advertisers out there. So, whether you’re are a beginner PPC’er who hasn’t started your campaigns yet or perhaps you have a Google Adwords, Yahoo! or MSN account up and running, but could use some additional management tips, we are here for you. Get ready for back to basics: PPC Style!

Friday: 30 Pay per Click Definitions Every Advertiser Should Know: A PPC Terminology Glossary

Monday: Learn the Pros and Cons of Each PPC Search Engine

Tuesday: Learn the Basics for Building A Killer Keyword List

Wednesday: A Beginners Checklist for Writing Benefit-Focused Ad Texts

Thursday: How to Increase Your Conversion Rates by Aligning Your Keywords, Ads, and Landing Pages

Friday: How to Analyze the Most Important PPC Reports