Rookie or Veteran - PPC Basics Every Advertiser Should Know and Use

Back to School with PPC Basics

Get your pencils, paper and book bags ready, we’re getting back to PPC basics with our week-long blog series. We get so consumed with writing about advanced PPC topics that we forget there are numerous beginner PPC advertisers out there. So, whether you’re are a beginner PPC’er who hasn’t started your campaigns yet or perhaps you have a Google Adwords, Yahoo! or MSN account up and running, but could use some additional management tips, we are here for you. Get ready for back to basics: PPC Style!

Friday: 30 Pay per Click Definitions Every Advertiser Should Know: A PPC Terminology Glossary

Monday: Learn the Pros and Cons of Each PPC Search Engine

Tuesday: Learn the Basics for Building A Killer Keyword List

Wednesday: A Beginners Checklist for Writing Benefit-Focused Ad Texts

Thursday: How to Increase Your Conversion Rates by Aligning Your Keywords, Ads, and Landing Pages

Friday: How to Analyze the Most Important PPC Reports

New Research! The State of Paid Social

In our new 2018 State of Paid Social report, we share the latest data on paid social advertising trends in a variety of networks including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube, collected from over 400 marketers at brands and agencies.