Category: Basic PPC Strategies

PPC Math Made Easy

Get a walk-through of some basic PPC math equations that will help you manage your accounts better.

Top Ways To Improve B2B PPC Performance

If you're struggling in producing the right results for your B2B client, try some of these steps to improve performance. Show how much you understand your client’s business and be consultative about how these digital strategies can grow their overall marketing efforts.

Paid Search Basics for Events

This blog provides tips and insights into event-based paid search strategies surrounding audiences types and different ads to garner success.

The Case For Time Flexible PPC Budgets

When budgets are time flexible, the client's bottom line is more than likely to be positively impacted. I've noticed four specific areas where this setup is tremendously beneficial: flexibility With Inconsistent Seasonality, End of Month Opportunity, Capilization on Unexpected Traffic Changes, More Room for Error


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