For a while now, Google’s AdWords Editor has made PPC campaign management a snap. Whether it’s the click and drag capabilities or the ability to copy entire campaigns with simple copy and paste functions, the Editor has been a breath of fresh air in my daily PPC workload. However, I don’t always work in the editor. **Gasp!**

Occasionally, I still work in the AdWords interface to make changes or create new campaigns. The other day I was doing just that, creating a new campaign the “old fashioned way,” and discovered a new tool. When creating a new campaign, you can now copy campaign settings from an existing campaign to speed up the process!


This tool allows you to copy all of the important data from an existing campaign including the following:

What I’ve been most excited about is the ability to copy the “Target Location” settings. I work with a client that has complex, world-wide geo-targeting in place. In the past I’ve been forced to transfer this information manually – which is a royal pain in the you-know-where.

For those naysayers out there who will undoubtedly say, “John, you can copy campaigns with settings in AdWords Editor.” In that you would be correct. However, that process copies the entire campaign — keywords, ads and all. This new tool allows you to isolate the campaign settings and copy them independently. My thanks to Google for adding another time saving tool to AdWords.