Yesterday Google announced on their blog a new mobile search ad product, custom search ads in mobile apps. Well today they’ve provided more information about this new ad format and how developers can use it to grow business on mobile.

Apps that provide a search experience will now also be able to show ads related to those searches. This is a win win for users and developers, as users will receive ads relevant to what they’re looking for and developers will have a new way to monetize their services.

Below is an example from the Google blog showing how this feature will work. The user is looking for Thai restaurants, in a given price range and location, with a certain dress code.  These parameters help determine what ad is shown, and will help deliver the most relevant ad for a user’s query – in this case, a restaurant called ‘Tasty Thai”.

App Search AdsApp developers can customize the look and feel of the ad as well as ad placement. If you are a developer interested in showing search ads you can apply by visiting the Custom Search Ads page.