Today is PPC Hero’s second birthday! Yes, our fearless PPC superhero is two years old today! It’s been a great two years and we want to thank everyone who has helped PPC Hero grow in anyway. Whether you read PPC Hero everyday, or link to our articles, or comment frequently, or have written a guest post, or contributed to one of our surveys… this is just a chance for us to say thank you. And to celebrate!

As you can see, PPC Hero is still having trouble containing his excitement. He had the same problem last year!


Once PPC Hero blew out his birthday candles (and cleaned the cake of the walls!), there was a little surprise waiting for him outside… THE PPCMOBILE! Sure, PPC Hero can fly but who doesn’t want to cruise around town in a sweet ride! PPC Hero has been driving around the block listening to his favorite song on full blast over and over, singing, “Get into my car!”


Here is a quick snapshot of the progress we’ve made in the last two years:

Articles posted to PPC Hero: 537

RSS Subscribers: 2,762

Comments: 1,537

Inbound Links: 12,001

Pageviews: 154,820

We have big plans in store for year three so please keep tuning in!

Same PPC Hero Time… Same PPC Hero Channel… or RSS feed… You know what we mean!