As you may know, we discuss landing pages rather frequently here at PPC Hero. They are a crucial element of your paid search marketing campaign and we feel that your (and our!) landing pages could always be better. Your landing page has the ability to convert at a higher rate, generate more sales, and engage your audience at a deeper level – and we would like to help you with all of these! After all, that’s what superheroes do, right?

We are kicking off a new series called the PPC Hero Landing Page Critique! “How does it work?” you might ask. It’s simple:

  1. Just submit your landing page to us with the pertinent information (see below).
  2. We’ll choose a landing page that we feel we can help leap tall buildings in a single bound.We’ll record a podcast where the PPC Hero team has a discussion about your landing page and it will be loaded with helpful tips and insights.
  3. And the podcast will be posted to the blog.

And it’s just that easy. What “pertinent information” do you need to include? When submitting your landing page for critique consideration, please include the following:

  • Landing Page URL
  • Sample PPC advertisement that sends users to your URL
  • Top 5-10 keywords that you are targeting for this landing page
  • Overall business objective (the goal of the landing page)
  • Current challenges you are having with this landing page

The landing page you submit may be critiqued and posted to PPC Hero so please make sure that you feel comfortable having it posted to the blog.

How do you submit? Just go our contact page and submit your information!
This will be a new on-going series so we’re excited to get things kicked off!
We look forward to hearing from you!