Back in March, I wrote a post about passing the Microsoft adExcellence Exam. One of the study materials I used was a series of blog posts written by Elizabeth Marsten of Portent Interactive who watched and summarized all of the study videos. Well now she has compiled all of her posts into an ebook, The Complete Guide To Taking The Microsoft adExcellence Exam. The ebook is free to download and will allow you to pass the exam “with as little time as possible dedicated to studying”.

Complete Guide To Taking The Microsoft adExcellence Exam

I highly recommend this ebook to all test-takers because, for me, it was the most helpful resource to passing the test. The guide is broken out by video and Elizabeth has pulled out the pertinent information as well as important screen shots from each section.

If you’ve managed an account in adCenter for even just a few months, this ebook is the only thing you need to study. If you’re new to adCenter but still taking the exam, you should watch the videos and use the guide to help summarize the main points. If you use the guide, you’ll be sure to pass the adExcellence exam with flying colors!