We know that responsive search ads can include up to 3 headlines and 2 description lines, but Google just announced that starting at the end of August, you can include a 3rd headline and 2nd description in regular text ads. Additionally, your description lines can be up to 90 characters each. What do you do with this kind of green light?

It’s somewhat of a perplexing move by Google. Essentially, a standard text ad is now a “light” responsive search ad. The main difference is that you can’t test multiple headlines and descriptions (in various orders) with the new standard ads. However, responsive search ad reporting is pretty much non-existent, so writing the new standard text ad will allow you to see how a certain combination performs.

In this webinar recording and podcast, Hanapin experts Matt Umbro and Jeff Allen discuss the update, how it will affect the PPC industry, and give you ways you can take advantage of this extra ad space.


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