YouTube is the gateway to audience targeting; ads supplement search and elevate brand awareness. You have a lot of opportunity to share more information about your products and services compared to the standard search/display ad. There are many reasons why SaaS businesses should be running YouTube ads, but here are our top 4:

Why You Should Run YouTube Ads for Your SaaS Brand

Low Risk, High Reward

More ad formats are direct response, making it much more likely for folks to take action. With the market being so saturated, YouTube ads are very low risk and quite inexpensive, making it easy to hit your audience even with some bumper ads.

Brand Lift

As seen in this case study, Hanapin knows how to leverage YouTube for brand lift. We understand how important it is to explain the impact of strategies to your boss. With YouTube in particular, we have found Google’s Brand Lift Study (2.0) to be helpful with this conversation. See what our team has to say about it in this blog post.


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YouTube Supplements Search

There is a lot of YouTube inventory available. Once people watch your video, you can then specifically target them in search. With search becoming saturated and expensive, this is a great way to optimize your search efforts. Looking for a new way to build on your search strategies? It’s time to give YouTube serious consideration. Read more here about how to create a robust YouTube ad strategy next year.

Audience Targeting

We love (and excel at!) audience targeting for YouTube ads. By targeting specific searches (or ideas), this opens up very similar opportunities to targeted messaging that one could do when writing ad copy for specific keywords. Gone are the days of using YouTube to target broad audiences with a brand message. Read more here about how to leverage custom intent audiences on YouTube.

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