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Last November, Bing announced that the editor platform would soon be compatible with Macs. Bing Insists that a PC will no longer be a requirement and it will be it easier for Mac users to use Bing Ads Editor to manage search marketing campaigns.

Mac users have been begging for a version of the desktop editor tool for years, as noted in the comment below from Bing Ads forum.

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*Notice the date.

If you are a Mac centered company like we are, you’ve resorted to a backup PC with remote desktop capability. Others might have limited their use of Bing to only what they could do in the interface. Which in many cases would limit the amount of spend and time advertisers are willing to put into Bing.

Using a remote desktop is just as unpleasant as it sounds. You have to hold your breath that you get connected and don’t get kicked off while you are making any changes or updates. There is also a limited size you can make the remote screen that limits what you can see in the editor.

The Mac version will come with a newly designed user interface and updated features that are said to make the editor more user-friendly. It will also give people the general ease of operating that it is currently lacking.

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Advertisers will be able to manage multiple accounts and download campaign data for those accounts simultaneously from the accounts manager window. Individual accounts can be opened in separate windows, and drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste will work across accounts, similar to what is currently in AdWords Editor. Making Bing and Google platforms cohesive has been a priority of Bing Ads for some time now.

Updated navigation puts items like location targets and sitelinks accessible within one click from the account window and shows the number of entities of each type, again very similar to the navigation of AdWords Editor 11.

That new, somewhat updated UI will eventually be rolled out to the PC version of Bing Ads Editor. Bing Ads’ Dare Objasnjo said the engineering team is aiming for parity between the two editors within a year of the Mac version going live.

The new version of the Bing Ads Mac editor will be available in the summer of 2016, which is roughly five years after it was first noted that users were requesting this feature the most. Let’s all hope that timeline isn’t pushed back. Just hold on until then.