The announcement we’ve been anticipating for months has finally been made. The AdWords app for iOS has been released! This is one of the most anticipated PPC announcements of 2016 for Apple-lovers, second only to the promise of a Bing editor for the Mac. So what do you need to know?

The app consists of the most critical on-the-go functionality. That includes the following:

  • Performance management (CTR, CPCs, clicks etc.)
  • Bid and budget management
  • Billing management
  • Direct calls to a Google expert

The design seems similar to what advertisers expect from AdWords: simple and straightforward.

AdWords App
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What’s the verdict so far? As with all things mobile, it’s more convenient than pulling out your laptop when you’re traveling or at home. Below is a testimony from a search marketing manager at The Honest Company that highlights the benefits of mobile AdWords during the holiday season.

“Amidst the hectic holiday festivities, this app saved me from having to leave the dinner table to monitor performance and make quick changes to my accounts. That meant more time with my family. I’m excited for what’s to come!”

– Josh Franklin, Manager, Search Marketing, The Honest Company

While it’s hard to argue with that, there is sure to be a downside to being able to access AdWords on-the-go. Google already has a small blurb in their AdWords Help Center that briefly discusses security on a user’s phone. That’s the obvious threat. We all tend to lose our phones at a higher rate than we lose our laptops or desktops, so advertisers need to add several layers of passwords to their phones just in case.

Personally, I’ll be more worried about the potential for the AdWords app equivalent of pocket-dialing. I can just imagine my phone getting bumped in my purse, the AdWords app opening, and my campaigns getting accidentally turned off. But maybe I’m just paranoid.

What do you think? Is this app going to change the way you manage your accounts? What features do you think will be the most useful on-the-go?