It’s been a busy week for AdWords, as they’ve released two new features to help us manage our campaigns more efficiently. These changes are Custom Columns and AdWords Editor version 11. Both have sweet, new stuff for you to sink your teeth into!

Custom Columns

This past Tuesday, Google announced Custom Columns as a new feature. The feature lets advertisers create and view segmented columns for metrics important to them. By selecting an existing metric like clicks or conversions, and applying a segment like ‘Computers’ or ‘Mobile’, advertisers can quickly create a new custom column that shows ‘Computer clicks’ or ‘Mobile conversions.’ These custom columns can be added to any campaign or ad group report. Advertisers can sort, filter, and download them as well.

The reason this new feature is really cool is because it gives you more control over what you easily see when looking at your interface. Every business has unique objectives, goals, etc. This feature was released because Google realizes this fact and wants to let people customize their experience to more accurately portray what’s important to them.

Here is the AdWords help article that explains how to use it. 

AdWords Editor Version 11

This hot, new version has lots of enhanced and brand spanking new features. In fact, here is a whole list of them.

Updated Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the editor got an update with this version, which allows easier navigation. This includes a visual refresh, new layout, re-organization of options and settings, a more streamlined data view and toolbar, more visually prominent search, and pumped-up tools. The redesign allows commons and advanced features to be more easily accessed.

Increased Productivity

You know what’s always a total pain? Jumping between campaign tabs and accounts in the editor. It’s like when I’m working with just one screen. I need more room and easier access! Well, AdWords heard our cries of frustrations, because now you can have multiple windows open! You can even copy/paste and drag-and-drop between windows. WHAT?! This is all I need in my stocking this year.

Easier Navigation

There’s a new “type list” that makes it easier to navigate and see what you’re working in. They updated the way it looks as well as some features in it. You’re allowed more filtering and search criteria, and you can even save those searches you do often. It’s real sweet!

Increased Functionality

Remember when I said the multiple windows feature was all I wanted in my stocking this year? Scrap that! THIS is all I wanted! Now, you can paste multiple ads and keywords across multiple campaigns and ad groups at once, rather than selecting and copying/pasting one-by-one like it’s 1995. A-mazing!

There’s lots of other new stuff in this version like new keyboard shortcuts, shared bidding strategies, a redo button, and more! Go check out that list I linked for full details, and then download the thing!

In Conclusion

We must have all been pretty good this year. We got AdWords updates that didn’t take any advanced segmentation/targeting away from us. It actually gave us some more advanced tools and functionality to make our jobs easier and let us do better for our accounts. We managed to escape Krampus this year, so let’s enjoy these sweet new features!