We’ve added some more amazing names to our 2013 Hero Conf speaker line-up! Check out the updated speaker list below. Don’t forget to register at heroconf.com. We look forward to seeing you there!


Andrew Goodman – Founder and President of Page Zero Media  | Follow on Twitter @andrew_goodman

Bryan Eisenberg – Marketing Optimization expert, keynote speaker and New York Times best selling author, columnist  | Follow on Twitter @TheGrok

Arjan Haring – Co-founder of Science Rockstars and one of the creators of PersuasionAPI  |  Follow on Twitter @arjanharing

Joe Kerschbaum – VP & Managing Partner of Clix Marketing   | Follow on Twitter @JoeKerschbaum

Heather Cooan – Manager, Advertising & New Media Strategy at Cardinal Path | Follow on Twitter @HeatherCooan

John Gagnon – Bing Ads Evangelist, Microsoft  | Follow on Twitter @jmgagnon

Dave Schwartz – VP, Client Services and Marketing at DataPop  | Follow on Twitter @davesch7

Chris Kostecki – Search Analyst at Keurig   |  Follow on Twitter @chriskos

Larry Kim – Founder & CTO of Wordstream   | Follow on Twitter @larrykim

George Michie – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rimm-Kaufman Group (RKG)   | Follow on Twitter @GeorgeMichie1

Joanna Lord – VP of Growth Marketing at SEOmoz.org   | Follow on Twitter @JoannaLord

Jeff Allen – Account Director at Hanapin Marketing   | Follow on Twitter @JeffAllenUT

Kevin Lee – CEO of Didit   | Follow on Twitter @Kevin_Lee_QED

John Lee – Director of Client Services for Clix Marketing  |  Follow on Twitter @John_A_Lee

Tally Keller – Global Search Advisor at Dell  |  Follow on Twitter @tallykeller

Matt Umbro – Founder of PPCCHAT   | Follow on Twitter  @Matt_Umbro

Matt Van Wagner – President of Find Me Faster   | Follow on Twitter @mvanwagner

Crystal (Anderson) O’Neill – PPC division lead for SEER Interactive   | Follow on Twitter @Crystala

Marc Poirier – Co-Founder and VP Marketing of Acquisio   |  Follow on Twitter @marcpoirier

Merry Morud – Account Manager at aimClear   |  Follow on Twitter @MerryMorud

David Rodnitzky – CEO of PPC Associates   |  Follow on Twitter @rodnitzky

Shawn Livengood – Online Marketing Manager for BuildASign.com   |  Follow on Twitter @slivengood

Lisa Raehsler – Founder and Principal Strategist at Big Click Co   |  Follow on Twitter @lisarocksSEM

Dennis Yu – CEO of BlitzLocal   |  Follow on Twitter @dennisyu

Get more info here: heroconf.com/speakers/