Have you ever spent hours trying to re-structure your Google campaign to upload into Yahoo!? You download your Google campaign, re-arrange the columns to fit Yahoos! upload structure, only to get errors from Yahoo! saying they can’t determine which is the parent ad group? I’ve encountered this many times, and just recently I found a tool in Yahoo! to help with this problem. It’s the ‘Convert Third Party Campaigns’ tool under the import feature of the Yahoo! interface.

What the Tool Does: The tool takes your Google csv file and converts it into the correct format in order to upload it into Yahoo.

Where to Access the Tool: Click on the Campaigns tab in your Yahoo! account, then click on the import feature under the tabs. Next to the Import Campaigns tab, click on the Convert Third Party Campaigns tab.


How to Convert Your Google Campaigns using the Yahoo! Tool:

1. If you haven’t already, download adwords editor in order to export a campaign out of Google. Make sure you export your Google campaign into a .csv file.

2. Then, go to the convert third party campaigns tab in your Yahoo account and upload your Google .csv file, give it a name, and click convert.

It only takes a few minutes for Yahoo to convert the file. Once your file is converted, it will show up in the converted campaigns history section.

3. Then, all you have to do is navigate back to the import campaigns tab in your Yahoo account, and upload the new csv file as you normally would.

It’s a great tool for quick use of uploading a Google campaign into Yahoo! But you can also import your entire Google account into Yahoo in the same way.