It’s the end of the month, your budget is running low. You still need additional traffic and conversions to make March your best month yet. Use these five tips below to help boost your PPC campaigns for that last minute surge of traffic and conversions.

  1. Keyword Level Bidding: If it’s the last week, or few days before the end of the month, and you’re running out of money to spend, find your best performing keyword and raise your bid on that keyword within an ad group. This will allow you to increase your ad position only on that better-performing keyword rather than increasing bids on all the keywords within an ad group and over spending at the end of the month.
  2. Pause All Underperforming Ad Texts: If you have one ad text that is outperforming the others completely, pause the other ad texts just until the end of the month. This may help increase conversions since all traffic will be filtered through that one best performing ad text.
  3. Urgent Ad text: If you are offering any kind of special promotion, sale or free shipping in the last few days of the month, give your ad text an urgent message. “Hurry, Sale Ends March 31st!” This way people will act quickly and not think and wait on making a purchase.
  4. Pause Underperforming Keywords: The last few days of the month is not a time for experimenting! If you have keywords on that are spending but not converting, save that money on keywords that are converting and pause any underperforming keywords. You can turn them back on the next month.
  5. Shift Spend from One Search Engine to Another: If Yahoo typically performs much better than Google, shift some of your money away from Google and put it into Yahoo. This way Yahoo can spend more money and convert more people. One word of advice, make sure Yahoo, or whatever search engine you choose to add more money to actually has the potential to spend more money.

If you follow these five tips in the last week or even last few days of the month it should help you get the most out of what budget you have left and increase traffic and conversions.