Today we have a guest post from Joe Schembri (@schemjo) with Villanova University’s project management certification program. Joe will share several tips on how project management can help PPC campaigns.

The versatility of a great project manager can assist a company in many functions. When reviewing a PPC marketing campaign, consider utilizing best practice project management skills to promote a strategy that can bring increased efficiency and profitability to your efforts. Here are some project management tips to help manage your PPC campaign more successfully:

1. See the Forest and the Trees at the Same Time

Certified project managers who have achieved the highest level of competency know that being able to set goals that are long-reaching, but immediately responsive to unfolding details, is among one of the most valuable project management skills. When you set PPC goals, you want to be sure the immediate goals you communicate to clients are attainable. Internal team goals may be slightly more aggressive. When setting long range goals it is important to anticipate challenges such as seasonal traffic, emerging market trends, or other factors that may affect goals. Motivating your team with internal goals and rewarding growth are essential for maintaining the momentum you need to drive motivation and profitability.

2. Know the Numbers

The most effective project managers are at ease handling teams of diverse employees and are equally skilled with addressing the financial side of the equation. Reading data, setting goals, establishing budgets and managing spending in a PPC campaign is just as important as it is in any other marketing endeavor a project manager leads. Anticipating user traffic, strategizing investments, and monitoring data are all important management skills that transfer to the successful management of a PPC campaign.

If you are a project manager who is new to the world of PPC campaigns, consider reviewing an informative PPC guide regarding this hot marketing tool. A number of reputable guides exist on the topic as well as formal online training opportunities. Reading data, making sound investments, and monitoring income from a PPC campaign effectively can help drive business into a more aggressive growth plan. Taking time to be prepared is worth the effort.

3. Communicate for Success

Mastering all forms of communication is an important project management skill necessary to maintain longevity in the field. Ongoing communication with clients about individual PPC accounts is important to build repeat business and ongoing success. Keeping communication upbeat and motivational with your team can improve team dynamics and promotes better results. Documenting and sharing team success stories and creating a database to record effective strategies and details about client needs is another layer of communication necessary to get the most out of a PPC campaign. Remaining flexible and responsive to ongoing client relations promotes loyalty and increases word of mouth referrals.

4. Integrity is Vital for Success

An effective project manager sets the tone for the whole team. Being authentic in your interactions with employees and clients alike builds an integrity today’s educated investors seek. Training employees to refrain from making empty promises and making sure your policies reflect the highest standards of integrity will go a long way in creating a responsive PPC campaign. Setting clear confidentiality protocol and building a client base that will help you build referrals through social media reviews and other marketing literature will help you achieve your positive business goals. Along with great value in investment, integrity is a key factor in long term growth, especially in today’s competitive marketplace.


By combining project management skills with marketing experience you’ll bring an expert level of knowledge and training to a PPC campaign. A strong project manager can address immediate challenges while moving toward future goals which will contribute to the overall success of a PPC campaign. With strong budgeting and communication skills, and a practiced ability to handle a diverse workforce, the best project managers can motivate teams while implementing data driven expansion strategies that yield increased profits. Building a corporate culture that values integrity can lead to more referrals, better brand recognition, and an increase in client trust. Utilizing proven project management strategies to implement or expand PPC efforts can maximize your ROI and create a sound business plan that can bring sustainable growth even as the economy continues to present challenging adventures in the months ahead.