The time to vote for the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts of 2019 has come again, but this time, we’re shaking things up a bit.

This year, we encourage you to vote for anyone that is influential in the online paid advertising industry, whether they are a CEO of a tool provider that’s disrupting things, a CMO that’s been talking at conferences on some cool new strategies that have worked for them or if its a PPC person at your company that’s been making the rounds on the circuit and starting to inspire others about PPC. They don’t have to do PPC every day, but they do have to influence it.

Is there someone that you are following on Twitter that inspires your digital strategies? Have you seen a speaker that made a big impact on your thought process and how you approach your paid ads? Who do you look up to? Whose blog posts do you ALWAYS take the time to read, no matter how busy you are, because you know reading it will just make you a smarter at PPC?

Now is the time to give back to those experts that fill you up with knowledge and vote for them as a top PPC expert!

AND we’re making another change. Once voting ends (on April 25th), we will announce a Top 50. The Top 50 will purely be based off of votes, so its really important that you pump up your base and get them to vote for you. Once the Top 50 are established, we will score them on a number of metrics as usual to determine the Top 25.


A word of caution: Last year, we discovered that some participants were not playing fairly and attempted to “stuff the ballot box.” As a company, we pride ourselves on being transparent, fair, and ethically sound. In running this competition, we expect the same from the PPC community.

We’ve taken some extra steps this year to make sure entries are real and will be hyper-sensitive to fake entries. Anyone attempting to play unfairly, will be disqualified from the list. Votes should be cast by the people that respect you and are inspired by your influence in the PPC world. If someone is willing to take the time to vote for you, that means way more than a bunch of fake votes. That’s what makes a person truly influential!


You will get one vote per email address, so use your community and ask them to vote for you, send out messages on social, write a blog post about how awesome you’re doing in PPC, etc. There are a lot of ways to promote yourself for this:)

Here are “Vote for Me” graphics for those that want to use their social influence to garner votes! Feel free to save and use as you like.

Vote in the below form by
Midnight EST on Thursday, April 25th!

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