The most recent addition to the Google AdWords distribution is the Search Partner Network. AdWords ads have appeared on these sites for a while but advertisers were not given the option to choose this distribution. Now, you can opt-in or opt-out of this network distribution. And AdWords just inserted additional report features that will help better monitor/manage your performance in the Search Partner Network.

As Google AdWords matures they continue to add on features and reporting that will help you improve and optimize your PPC campaign. Until recently, you could only view your Search Partner Network performance within the AdWords interface. You can still view your performance for each distribution network quickly within the AdWords interface. To do this, you can just choose the “customize columns” option within the AdWords interface:

When you choose this option you can parse out your search/search network/content network performance. Your information will be displayed as such:

This information is crucial when managing a successful PPC campaign. Your performance will differ within each distribution network. You need to monitor and manage each distribution channel within every campaign and ad group in order to make sure that you are focusing on what works best for each area of your campaign.

Until recently, you could not view your Search Partner Network stats within any AdWords reports. You had to view this information through the interface (as we see above). Recently, AdWords added the option to separate your Search Partner performance within the reporting functions. Here is a quick screen shot:

You can view your Search Partner Network distribution within these reports:

  • Account performance
  • Campaign performance
  • Ad group performance
  • URL performance
  • Ad performance
  • Placement/Keyword performance

Measuring results is one of the most crucial tactics of search marketing. And this is another tool that will help you further optimize your Google AdWords campaign. Now, go run those reports and take action!