We Recommend You Attend These Two PPC Webcasts From Search Marketing Now

One great source of insightful, interesting paid search marketing webcasts is Search Marketing Now. We attend their webcasts often and usually take away a handful of good ideas for our own PPC accounts. We thought we’d let everyone know that the Search Marketing Now team has two great webcasts coming up. Here is the schedule:

November 11 – 1 PM EST

Writing Killer Text Ad Copy: 1001 Secrets to Success

with Matt van Wagner

Great Ad Copy. You know it when you see it, right? But how do you actual create great ads? In this webcast, we’ll break it down for you.

Writing effective ad copy has always been a challenge. In just three short lines of text, you need to target your audience, describe your offer, and compel them to click. In this webcast, paid search expert Matt van Wagner will share some time-tested tips for text ad copywriting that will help you improve the your paid search campaigns.

November 13 – 1 PM EST

Tackling Large Paid Search Campaigns: Automated Solutions

with Chris Sherman

Paid placement search advertising programs can be an appealing alternative to time-consuming organic search engine optimization (SEO) efforts – allowing you to rank well in search engine results with comparatively less work. But what happens when your campaign grows to hundreds, thousands or even millions of listings? In this webcast, Chris Sherman will describe the kinds of bid management systems available and how they can be used effectively.

You can register for both of these webcasts at Search Marketing Now’s website. This isn’t an advertisement or anything… we just think their webcasts are quality stuff!

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