How can I be sure I’m not missing anything?

Luckily we know a few PPC rock stars who have some answers to that very question. Join Jeff Allen, Hanapin Marketing’s Director of Paid Search, and Marc Poirier, Co-founder and EVP of Acquisio (the leading PPC tracking and management software) as they discuss how to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

They’ll answer questions like:

  • Tracking is often easier said than done; how can it be even more simple?
  • What optimizations can and can’t be solved through automation?
  • How can you keep leads moving through the complex B2B sales process?



More Questions We Didn’t Have Time To Answer During The Webinar:

1)    What do you mean by CRO? 

CRO is conversion rate optimization. It is the art and science of increasing the percentage of site visitors that take your desired action thought making improvements to your landing page/website.

2)    When you talk about 5 CRO test rounds. You do it in a A/B mode, and you test one round vs the last winner or vs the orignal control site. So, you try 5 versions vs 1, or 5 versions vs whatever is winning? 

This is 5 distinct rounds of A/B testing, always leaving the winning version of the test running and then testing it against a new experiment.

4)    Do you use Display to Drive B2B Leads? 

Yes, but segmenting goals/results based on sales funnel is a must! This is a very important driver, but normally a display lead is not worth the same as a search lead, so it’s important to have a quick feedback loop from your CRM system into your conversion tracking system so you can see that your display leads are also generating quality leads that are accepted by your sales team. This means you can make adjustments to your display strategy rapidly and optimize results effectively.

5)    How can I generate targeted traffic through Facebook ? 

The best use of Facebook we have found is through lookalike campaigns, custom audiences, and as Marc pointed out, retargeting through the facebook exchange. They should also use FBX for retargeting visitors who did not convert.

6)    Does acquisio plan to implement a more scalable way to setup new accounts with call tracking like mongoose? 

Yes – we should be making an announcement at some point in the coming weeks regarding how our platform will work with call tracking vendors like Mongoose and many others.