Join digital advertising experts Sean Quadlin of Hanapin Marketing and John Lee of Clix as they delve into the world of social advertising, and the ever-expanding reach and influence of Facebook in particular.



Extra Questions:

1)  For Months I had a Campaign performing well then all of a sudden there was a drop in Likes and clicks, could this be ad fatigue?

Absolutely.  Things can stall out in Facebook from time to time, and ad fatigue can definitely be a part of that.  It’s also a good idea to evaluate your targeting and possibly make smaller campaigns so you can know with more confidence what is and isn’t working.

2)  When I target by precise interests, am I targeting people that overlap ALL of those interests, or is it an aggregate of the individual precise interests?

You are targeting anyone who has liked any one of those things.  If you have an ad targeting anyone who likes ketchup and mustard, people who only like mustard will see the same ad as people who only like ketchup.  And you can’t report on performance across those likes either, which is why we’re big fans of really segmenting out your campaigns.

3)  Can I download keyword report?

You can’t.  There isn’t an official keyword report (nor are there keywords), but I imagine you’re asking about precise interests.  You can’t see performance stats based on individual likes within the same ad.  It’s all or nothing.

4)  In power editor: what does download do

 Download pulls your account in its most recent state from the interface.  Any changes that you’ve made (or that someone else may have made) are live in your account, but your editor won’t know it unless you download your account first.  Be careful – it will delete any changes you haven’t uploaded from your editor.  I basically make sure to download every time I go into the editor (unless I’m in the middle of a set of changes, of course).

5)  Can you test different ad copies in FB PPC, like in Adwords ie do they rotate if you are targeting the same audience?

You can.  Just upload multiple ads in the same campaign.  They’ll rotate for a while, but be careful.  Facebook is notoriously quick to end an ad test for you.  You’ll have to refresh your copy more often than in AdWords or BingAds, as there is not an option to opt out of auto-optimization.