Join renowned PPC experts Matt van Wagner and Neil Sorensen as they tackle the PPC automation debate in our latest #ThinkPPC webinar discussion, moderated by our own Sean Quadlin.

Due to some technical difficulties we do not have a video for you from this webinar, however, we do still have the audio and power point slides!

Bonus Questions and Answers with Sean Quadlin:

1) Which are the best softwares used…by you guys….can you mention by the end of the webinar…

Matt actually just wrote a post about this over at Search Engine Land.  He has pretty much covered everything we would want to say.

2) Does Adwords automated bidding (CPA or ECPC) take into account device, location and time of day performance when it’s optimizing?

AdWords describes CPA bidding as taking “historical performance” into account when making bidding optimizations, which assumes that it’ll be covering device, location and time of day.  We’ve seen performance mostly bear that out.  It’s not as hard and fast as manual optimizations are, but our campaigns that struggle on tablets see less tablet spend on CPA bidding.

eCPC operates very similarly.  Anything that is “more likely to lead to conversion” will receive more aggressive bids.  There’s a lot contained in that “more likely” phrasing, but device, location and time is all a part of it.  Definitely keep an eye on it, though, as you may want to manually optimize to completely control your account the way you want to.

Google also recently announced the ability to add bid modifiers for mobile devices on CPA bidding, though, which is a nice step forward.

3) What do you think about Kenshoo?

We’ve never used Kenshoo at Hanapin (we’re Acqisio users (  They’ve talked about it before over at Search Engine Land (, but we can’t speak from experience, unfortunately.

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