Webinar Recordings: Advanced PPC&SEO Diagnostics and 10 Lessons Learned From Enhanced Campaigns

Advanced PPC and SEO Campaign Diagnostics

In previous months, the presenters from Hanapin and Intrapromote have uncovered some great ways to set goals and report on the resulting data. But the work doesn’t end there. How do you know if either medium is truly working? Find Out Now:


Advanced PPC and SEO Diagnostics from Hanapin Marketing
10 Lessons Learned From Enhanced Campaigns 

We’ve heard the message loud and clear: Google’s Enhanced Campaigns were a hot topic when they were first announced, they were a hot topic during Hero Conf, and they are sure to be a hot topic now, as we slowly approach a time when migrating your accounts will become mandatory.

With that in mind, Hanapin Marketing’s Eric Couch and Sam Owen will be going over 10 things they’ve learned from using Enhanced Campaigns so far


10 Lessons Learned From Enhanced Campaigns So Far from Hanapin Marketing
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