Whaddya'know Wednesdays: 4 Ways a Google Place Page Benefits Your Company

By Amanda West-Bookwalter | @Amanda_WestBook | Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

On this week’s Whaddya’know Wednesdays, our weekly expert, Bryan Watson, gives us four reason why every business should have a Google Place Page. If you’ll remember, Amber delved into this topic a bit way back in 2009, but a lot has been going on since then! With mobile growing like crazy and more people searching for their information online than in telephone books–It’s time for your business to get with the times! Hopefully, for the sake of your business, Bryan’s four reasons will convince you to create a Google Place Page if you haven’t already. If you have, maybe you’ll pick up something cool that you didn’t know you could do with your Place Page!



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