Whaddya'know Wednesdays: 5 Tips to Improve Quality Score

By Amanda West-Bookwalter | @Amanda_WestBook | Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing |

On this week’s Whaddya’know Wednesdays, our weekly expert, Kayla Kurtz, gives us five tips to bring up the quality score in your account. If you’ll remember, we recently released a whole guide to quality score. This guide tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about quality score. But, if you’re just looking for five quick tips, and don’t have the time to read a whole novel: just push play!

Last week on Whaddya’know Wednesday, Bryan told you 4 reasons why every business needs a Google Place Page.

Whaddya’know Wednesdays 5: 4 Ways a Google Place Page Benefits Your Company.

Two weeks ago on Whaddaya’know Wednesday, we had a special Redbop edition on top vs. side segmentation.

Whaddya’know Wednesdays 4: Google Adwords Top vs. Side Ad Position Segmentation

Three weeks ago Whaddya’know Wednesdays, we gave you some tips about ad writing:

Whaddya’know Wednesdays 3: 6 Tips for Successful Ad Writing

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