In April, we published an article introducing WTQs: those search queries that cause you to raise your eyebrows, laugh out loud, or both.  Even a search marketer with the most diligent negative keyword lists can’t prepare for these bizarre terms that show up in search query reports…and to be honest, part of me is glad for that.  First (guilty confession), the chance of stumbling across WTQs gives me the extra incentive to run search query reports frequently, which would otherwise be just another mundane chore.  But what I love most about WTQs is that they remind me that there are people on behind the statistics.  The internet’s human unpredictability is a beautiful thing, and unexpected search queries help me see the spectrum of humanity sitting on the other end of a keyboard.  In that way, WTQs are a breath of fresh air, showing me that my job is not just about numbers and clicks, but about the needs, interests, and desires of people – no matter how weird.

So, without further ado, I’d like to celebrate the wacky world of PPC by sharing our WTQs from June!

First, I have the top associative WTQs.  These are queries that may not seem so bad when taken out of context, but quickly become crazy when connected with ad groups.  Really?  That query caused the searcher to click on that ad?  What the query?!

4. “face washing lesson plans” -> Art School

3. “anger management activity for high school small group” -> Coupons

2. “what do polar bears eat” -> Coupons

1. “jack black weight loss” -> Christian Book Publishing

And as the crème of the crop, here are the search queries that were just…well…see for yourself.

4. “nursing program jealous people”

3. “what is good job to get with nursing degree”

2. “converts in Denver”

1. “how will budgeting and creating as ending plan be much easier and faster in organizing business revenge”

Yeah.  Let’s just hope that organized business revenge has fallen through.

What crazy queries have you found in your accounts?