As we have come to expect, Bing is continuing its efforts to catch up with AdWords. The most recent announcement comes with regard to link URLs for ads. Google announced Upgraded URLs early in 2015, which allow advertisers to edit tracking parameters on ads without creating a new ad and losing historical data. On Tuesday, Bing announced that they are following suit and have also implemented an Upgraded URL format for advertisers in all markets.

Bing Upgraded URLs

As seen above, Upgraded URLs are comprised of two pieces, formerly combined in the Destination URL field in Bing: landing page URL and tracking parameters. With the new format, tracking parameters can be set at the account level (recommended by Bing) with landing pages specified via the Final URL for each individual ad.

Bing offers two recommendations for migrating current ads and managing upgraded URLs moving forward:

  1. Import from Google Adwords: Bing is able to directly copy and import campaigns from AdWords into the interface or Bing Ads Editor, including the new URL format. Using this tool, however, advertisers should be sure to spot-check for accuracy, since it is not yet flawlessly integrated and some components might get dropped in large accounts with a significant number of campaigns and ad groups.
  2. Direct bulk management with BAE: Using Bing Ads Editor is another quick and straightforward way to update numerous ads with relatively little hassle. Changes can be made on- or offline and posted to the interface in a single step.

The new URL format is available now, though Destination URLs will continue to serve throughout the year. It is anticipated that Destination URLs will be discontinued starting in 2017, and transition tools to expedite and simplify the shift are expected to appear soon.

For more tips and insights, check out Bing’s post here.

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