There is a series  of fiery hoops that you have to jump through in order to set up invoicing for your Google AdWords. If you work with a client that regularly launches new brands, companies, or new business initiatives, that require separate PPC campaigns, your invoicing headache is probably rather large and severe. There is a way to cure this headache.

The standard procedure for setting up invoicing for a Google AdWords account requires a few steps. Not every client is eligible for invoicing. Google typically considers extending monthly invoicing to advertisers who have a minimum spend during the three most recent consecutive months with AdWords. This minimum monthly spend is approximately $1,500/month. Here is the usual process to initiate invoicing:

  • You provide Google with your legal company information for review and approval by Google. In some cases, Google’s finance team may request that you send your company’s audited financials (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and/or references) for further consideration.
  • Google reviews your request, and sends you a confirmation or declination email.
  • If approved, you’ll need to respond in acceptance to the confirmation email. Your credit line is determined at Google’s sole discretion.
  • Once you respond to accept the terms offered, your account will be switched from your current payment type to monthly invoicing within two business days.

This means that each time you launch a new account, you need to run this new account on a credit card for the first 3-4 months (depending on your spend) and then set up invoicing. Sure, this sounds easy enough. But it is a hassle to complete this process every time you want to open a new AdWords account.

However, you don’t have to go through this process if you are launching new PPC accounts that are billable to the same corporate client.

If your company regularly launches new AdWords campaigns, and you want them all to be on invoicing as they launch, here is the solution:

  1. Set up an MCC (My Client Center) specifically for this client.
  2. Link all of this client’s AdWords accounts to this MCC so that they are all in one easily accessible place.
  3. Submit an invoicing request for this MCC. If your credit is in good standing with Google, your application should be approved easily.
  4. Once your invoice application is accepted, then all of the clients within this MCC are contained on the same invoice.
  5. AND every time you open a new account, but you want it to be billed to the same company and same address as the other accounts, you can just open this new account and link it to this company’s MCC.
  6. For this new account you will not have to start with a credit card for a number of months, and then submit an invoice application. You get to skip all of it.

Your monthly AdWords invoice will contain seperate lines for each account with a total for paid advertising spend for each month. Keep in mind, this works only for companies that are launching mutiple AdWords accounts and wants all of them to be on invoicing. If you fit this profile, this solution may save you and your accounting department some time and headache when it comes to invoicing.