As Pat mentioned in his Letter From the CEO, we wanted to take an opportunity to let you know who we, at PPC Hero, follow on Twitter or through blogs. Regardless of your experience level, someone out there is always going to be able to teach you something. There are so many aspects to PPC and Internet Marketing that I would make the case it would be impossible to be an expert at them all. Even in looking at our team, people have their own unique skill sets within the office. We’re constantly learning from and feeding off each other. With that said, there are times when we have to look outside of the office to improve our knowledgebase. Blogs are a great source for consuming knowledge and Twitter just happens to be a great way to quickly and easily scan the blogs you follow to pick and choose the articles you want to dedicate your time to.

If you polled every member of our team, we’d all come up with a different list but there are a few staples I’m sure you’d see on them all, mainly the search engines themselves.

To kick things off, one of the best resources for keeping up with the new features and tools on AdWords, is to follow @adwords. Their blog is another hotspot to get the inside scoop on the latest info from Google, check out the Inside Adwords Blog for more details.

Likewise, Bing has their own Twitter account, @adcenter. As expected, Microsoft also has an AdCenter dedicated blog. Both the Google and Bing blogs are the first place I stop when looking for information I can immediately implement into my client accounts. Checking them regularly is a great habit to get into.

Outside of the search engines, the blogs we follow are probably more suited to our own particular tastes. I’ll share with you a few of my favorites.

The first blog I want to share is Marketing Pilgrim. I enjoy this blog because of the diversity in authors but also because it delivers a good marketing mix. You’ll certainly see a lot of PPC related articles but you’ll also get an assortment, like this recent post about tablets. Marketing Pilgrim was founded by @AndyBeal. Just in case you want more, you can check out Andy’s Blog.

Another of my favorite marketers is Seth Godin. His blog is much more than a marketing blog however. I find Seth to be one of the more witty writers I’ve come across. He also has a great ability to use analogies that make his topics easy to understand. To get quick updates on his posts, follow @ThisIsSethsBlog.

Finally, one of the blogs I’ve been following the longest (besides PPC Hero of course), is Search Engine Watch (SEW). I was first introduced to this blog by following some former PPC Hero authors, @JoeKerschbaum and @John_A_Lee, who are now writing for Search Engine Watch. While I don’t give SEW any points for their organization (it’s one of the more difficult blogs to navigate in my opinion), there is a wealth of knowledge contained in that domain.

Hopefully this article gives you some more blogs and twitter folk to follow. In looking back at what I recommended, I think you’ll find a great assortment of information and writing styles. And finally, if you aren’t following him already, I highly suggest following our CEO, @PatEast. Good luck and happy following.