Editor’s Note: This week on PPC Hero we’re talking about the interview process and how to find the right candidates. Make sure to tweet us your comments @ppchero. Today, Cassie Oumedian looks at the importance of setting clear expectations for potential hires.

The costs for not hiring the right PPC candidate can be disastrous to an organization and the candidate, including financial, productivity, morale, and reputation loss. Transparency from the interviewer on candidate expectations is crucial for success. Below are several tips for helping set clear candidate expectations from the beginning.


When interviewing for a position in PPC, sometimes interviewers are not totally transparent with expectations. On the other hand, potential candidates may be so eager to get the job, that they don’t ask the right questions to make sure they have clear expectations of what is actually involved with the position. The problem with both scenarios is that if expectations are not clear, the job may not be the best fit for either party, causing detrimental losses for everyone involved. Don’t let these scenarios happen to you.

When looking to explore a career path in PPC, here are a few areas to make sure everyone has clear expectations:

  • Training
  • Number of accounts managed
  • Responsibilities beyond account management
  • Work ethic and travel
  • Opportunities for growth


Most companies have some sort of onboarding training and PPC is no exception. In fact, training should be a crucial onboarding process – especially for candidates that are new to PPC. Aspects of training that are beneficial to get clear expectations during the interview process include:

  • Onboarding training schedule and expectations
  • Certifications – AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, etc.
  • Ongoing training

*Bonus Tip – If you are in the PPC interview process and you know that certifications are required, getting certified before you start may help you nail the job or save you some time once you get hired.

Companies that offer ongoing training beyond the initial onboarding is a good indicator that the company stays on top of industry news and cares about employees professional growth.

Number Of Accounts Managed

The “number of accounts managed” is more specific to PPC agencies but important to have transparency around this topic for everyone involved. For example, if a candidate has only managed 1 account at a time and now finds out that they will be expected to manage 7 at the same time, it could be overwhelming if not discussed in advance. It may also be helpful to get clarity for a time frame when a candidate can expect the first account and then the additional accounts. For example:

  • First 30 days – manage 1 account
  • Within 3 months – manage 2 – 4 accounts
  • Within 6 months – manage 5 – 7 accounts

These numbers typically vary from agency to agency and client load. The timeframe can also be a good indicator of the growth of the company.

Responsibilities Beyond Account Management

While the job title a candidate is applying for may seem clear, there are most likely other responsibilities beyond managing accounts. This especially rings true with smaller organizations. Below are some other responsibilities that can sometimes be included beyond managing PPC accounts:

  • Blog writing
  • Creating whitepapers
  • Presenting webinars
  • Speaking events

Having responsibilities beyond account management should not be a red flag. In fact, it’s often a good sign. PPC account management can be super data heavy and repetitive so knowing there are other outlets for you to explore on a more creative side can be a warm welcome. Just make sure to get a clear idea of what those other responsibilities include during the interview process so you can be prepared.

Work Ethic And Travel

PPC account management is typically not a 9 to 5, 40-hour a week gig. Part of this fluctuation is because some verticals have seasonal busy times. Another part is that people in the PPC industry are super passionate about what they do and may need to put in a few extra hours here and there to drive better results. Keep the following topics in mind when it comes to what is expected in terms of work ethic and travel.

  • Accountability
  • Resourcefulness
  • Hours and flexible scheduling
  • Travel requirements

These are all details that are best worked out during the interview phase to make sure that what is expected in terms of hours, travel and accountability expectations align with all parties involved.

Opportunities For Growth

Last but definitely not least is making sure there are opportunities for growth. While a large company may seem like the best opportunity for growth, from my experience, it’s usually the smaller companies that allow for faster growth potential. Below are a few items that can be indicators there are opportunities for long-term professional growth opportunities:

  • Processes in place for reviews
  • Career path growth plans


Final Thoughts

Be transparent by establishing clear expectations and save detrimental losses to morale, reputation, and financial losses. Setting clear expectations will help ensure that the job and the candidate will be a good match for everyone involved.