Get “fresher” organic search results today, thanks to Google algorithmic update. This update impacts about 35% of all searches. Specifically, search times that indicate you are looking for web pages that contain/sell:

• Recent Events
• Hot Topics
• Regularly Recurring Events
• Frequently Updated Content (i.e. Best SLR Camera)

This update builds upon Caffeine, which already place a larger emphasis on fresh content. The basics are; if someone searches for a term like “Red Sox score” the results should start with the score of the most current game. The thought is, a searcher isn’t looking for the score to last weeks game, or even yesterday’s.

The same goes for someone looking for information on “Greece Bailout.” It’s likely that they aren’t looking for the history. But rather are looking for the most current stories so they know what is happening. So basically, pages with fresh content in the previously mentioned silos will get more love from Google than those plastered with yesterday’s news.

Algorithmic Change’s Impact on Paid Search
Google didn’t specify if this change would have an impact on paid search. However, their trend has been towards narrowing the gap between organic and PPC. Because of this, I would venture to guess it will have some impact in the future. Time will tell, but my guess is that advertisers in verticals affected by these changes (such as eCommerce sites selling SLR cameras) will want to keep their content fresh. New content is always a great way to increase PPC account performance, so even if this change doesn’t roll out to Google Adwords you could see a benefit by keeping your product details, reviews, and inventory fresh.

What do you think? Will the changes to Google’s algorithms affect PPC?