When it comes to managing PPC accounts, there is one thing we can’t seem to get enough of, and that one thing is time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the tasks you need to get done! From creating detailed reports, to downloading and uploading entire campaigns, to optimizing large-scale accounts, to adjusting bids on a daily or hourly basis, all of these tasks take time to do properly. But do not fear, PPC Hero is here to help!

In the blog series that we will post next week, we are going to help you save time when managing PPC accounts. And that is where the image for the series comes in… that is PPC Hero saving time! Get it?!

We have six articles lined up for the series!

Monday: Discover How Carefully Planned PPC Account Structures Save Time when Running Reports and Managing Campaigns
Tuesday: PPC Made Easy: Learn How Google’s AdWords Editor and Microsoft’s adCenter Desktop Can Simplify PPC Management
Tuesday: Upload Your Google AdWords Campaigns into Yahoo and MSN adCenter in a Flash!
Wednesday: Get Your PPC Stats ASAP with Automated Reports in Google and MSN
Thursday: Don’t Dig Around for the Stats You Need in Google Analytics. Build Custom Reports!
Friday: How Can You Save Time and Money When Managing PPC? Use Ad Scheduling in AdWords!