You might have noticed that these WTQ posts tend to have a theme of some sort. Usually, this theme can be seen in the kinds of queries we’ve gotten for that particular month. It truly baffles me that searchers from all over the world, from all different walks of life, might still query phrases that have similar themes during a month’s time. This month, a pretty clear theme emerged. I hope the title of this post and the picture of J.T. will give you a hint…

10.) ipad sexy and i know it

9.) what does it mean to jump into a conclusion

8.) is it safe to drink out of a pewter cup

7.) sexy bio about my self

6.) what happens if i violate probation

5.) when would it be a bad idea to have them removed

4.) honest seduction using post click marketing to turn landing pages into game changers

3.) how many years did it take to walk

2.) where can i make a personal website for cats for free

1.) im sexy and i know it

What crazy queries have you come across this month?? I’m sure the holidays have produced some hilarious ones! Just leave them in the comments section below!