Before I go to write our monthly What The Query?! post, I ask around the office for some WTQ gems my coworkers have mined in the last month. Normally, some pretty awesome ones come through the pipeline, but this month, Bethany provided me with a sweet Justin Bieber theme! Yay Biebs!

To kick off this month’s WTQ post, below are the ad groups that Bethany had to add Justin Bieber as a negative to (tragic, I know):

Book Publishing

Adoption (creepy)

Children’s Bedding

Virus Removal (…..?)

Those are our Top 40 hits for the month, but below are some interesting queries from around our office:

buy weird looking computer workstations

baby’s first tattoo book

i have very interesting life story and I want to get it out

hydraulic bomb cartridges

what do you think bout my love life

backstreet boys stock graph

a british fasion designer created a dress from 3000 cow and yak nipples

is no explode dangerous

do I have dementia if I say delta airlines instead of what I wanted to say jet blue airlines or wan to say Iceland and say new Zealand please help me please

Wow…there you have it folks! I’d say this list is probably our #1 hit single so far…