We all know from doing search query reports that we get some weird searches populating our ads. Sometimes it’s just something strange like people putting www in the search bar with some general phrase (what is that about?!) and other times it’s something a little more…interesting. It’s time for our top ten, in no order, hilariously awful search queries for the month of May and the actual product the ad was for. My personal favorite WTQ?! query for May (#5) reminds me that not everyone knows a group of tortoises is called a “creep”. So, feast your eyes on this creep to the right!

10. bones for sale (watches)

9. submisseve poems to master (self publisher)

8. finally crotchless panties for men (men’s clothing)

7. gummies never fail (software as a service)

6. how to get through nursing school with children and no money (education)

5. what’s a group of tortoises called (telephone service)

4. sexy men’s swim trunks for older men (men’s clothing)

3. daughter just flunked out of nursing school what else can she make a career of (education)

2. sim2 online teenage pregnancy games (adoption center)

1. naval institute guide to combat fleets of the world their ships aircraft and systems naval institute guide to combat fleets of t (education)

Got any good WTQ?! queries to share?! Don’t keep that hilarity to yourself. Comment below or post them @PPCHero on twitter! #WTQ?!