Don’t worry, all that studying for the Yahoo! Ambassador test hasn’t gone to waste completely. Even though Yahoo announced today that they’re terminating their Ambassador program, you have until July 31st to complete the training and take the test to become eligible to be an Ambassador only if you have already registered. Once certified, landing pages will be delivered to new Ambassadors no later than August 31, 2008.

This is the explanation we got from Yahoo on why the program is being terminated:

The Yahoo! Ambassador program was specifically developed to help marketers drive sales leads to their clients. For the last four years, Yahoo! has made an effort to enhance the program to provide the greatest added value to our users. After a thorough evaluation of the program, we have decided to discontinue the program. The Ambassador Program, except for the limited use of the Ambassador Logo as noted below, shall be terminated as of September 30, 2008.

The good news is for people who have already become certified is that you can still use the Ambassador logo to show people you have been certified by Yahoo. Members may not however use the logo for sales, marketing or promotional related material.

Yahoo also goes on to mention that: “Ambassador commissions will no longer be earned or paid for any Managed Advertiser Account created on or after July 31, 2008. No Ambassador commission will be earned by an Ambassador or paid by us for any Managed Advertiser Account created on or after July 31, 2008. All Ambassadors that are due payment of an Ambassador commission will be forwarded such payment no later than September 30, 2008.”

I would love to hear other advertisers’ thoughts on this. Will it affect you and if so, how?