Nearing the end of last year, I wrote A Step-By-Step Guide to Yahoo Gemini. The guide focused on the following main points when it comes to setting up Yahoo Gemini;

  • What Yahoo Gemini can do for you
  • Campaign types
  • Creating a campaign
  • Ad group settings
  • Ad copy
  • Keywords
  • Tracking

While the guide still holds true in terms of set-up, Yahoo has released several updates over the last few months that will allow you to go to the next level in terms of reporting and optimizing within Yahoo Gemini. Let’s get started!

  • Excel uploads are now excepted in the interface!

    Prior to my blog post last year, the UI only accepted .csv docs when it came to uploads, which resulted in several formatting issues especially when special characters were involved. Now, excel uploads (.xlsx) are accepted and allow you to use all the special characters you want.

    Upload an Excel file

  • In November 2016, Search on Native made its mark

    You can extend your overall reach as ads can search on Yahoo’s native market. More information on using search on native can be found here.

    Extend ad reach to Yahoo native market

  • New Account Alerts

    Yahoo released a new filter that allows you to see which keywords have too low of a bid for your ads to show. One thing to note is that this is not a “default” filter and can only be accessed via the notifications drop-down at the top right of the UI.

    New account alerts


    Low bid alert

    A second alert that was introduced at the beginning of 2017 sends advertisers a notification when there are keywords without ads in the account. This ensures that volume isn’t lost due to a user error or upload error.

  • Carousel ads made their debut

    Jumping into 2017 head first, Yahoo Gemini released carousel ads that are available across devices. Essentially have the same concept as Facebook carousel ads, they allow advertisers to paint a picture of their product or service through a series of images that can be scrolled through.

    Carousel ads available across devices

  • The cloning feature (Editors Pick!?)

    Yahoo finally jumped on the copy/paste bandwagon to save advertisers precious time. While they decided to be fancy and term it “clone” rather than “copy”, advertisers can now copy campaigns, ad groups and ad copy for faster implementation and upload.

    Clone option enables users to copy

  • Updated Material

    Another great update is the material that is being published. Previously, support material was hard to come by. Over the last few months, Yahoo has released new best practice guides and

    How To Optimize Search On Native

    Engage: A video series aimed at new advertisers with step-by-step instructions


While there is still progress to be made, Yahoo Gemini is headed in the right direction. Little updates can be the turning point for big wins in terms of PPC. Simply becoming more efficient in campaign creation opens up time to focus on what really matters.