Last week I wrote about a common problem that new advertisers have when opening a new Google Adwords account. For this client, the gist of the problem is their ads aren’t showing because they’ve set their keyword bids too high for their daily budget. The error they were getting said that they had already reached or exceeded their campaign daily budget. Google sees this and basically says we can’t display your ads because as soon as we do we’ll have to shut them off to prevent going over your set daily budget for the day. The resolution, lower your keyword bids and/or set a higher daily budget.

However, after writing that post a few comments came up about another common error people are getting through the ad diagnostics tool on why their ads may not be displaying. The error is this:


The problem is that every keyword submitted through Google Adwords goes through a review process. If you’re getting this error in your ad diagnostics tool, more than likely your keywords are under review and it’s simply taking too long.

When I asked my Google rep. why my keywords were not showing for days in a row, this is what she had to say,

I think the ‘system update’ the ads diagnostic tool was referring to, in this case, was the ad review. If your ad was in queue for review for a long time, then I do apologize. That happens every once in a while.

My mistake was waiting a few days to contact my Google rep. to get my ads to show. Apparently all she had to do to get them active was to manually approve the keywords. If you’re getting this error, contact your Google rep. or an Adwords customer service rep. and see if they can manually approve the keywords. If you don’t have a Google rep. I have written a post on how to get one, and the benefits you’ll notice when you do get one. Enjoy!