This week we have been exploring how to catch more clicks and conversions by writing better ad texts. Our tackle box has been filled the tools to help (just to name a few):

But let’s be honest; even with all of these tactics at your disposal, you will never write the perfect PPC ad text. It’s a hard fact to face but it’s true. However, you can get pretty close to perfect (hopefully this blog series will help!) and I will tell you 2 ways to get closer to PPC ad text perfection.

Test. Test. Test. You can utilize every tip, insight and nugget-of-truth that we have discussed this week on writing better ad text but you need to continuously test your ad variations. You need to test every aspect of your PPC ads to determine which message appeals best to your audience, including:

Review your ad serving method. Now that I’ve convinced you that you need to continuously test your ad text variations, you have to give each ad text a chance to prove it’s salt. To do this you need to alter your ad serving method:

  • In Google, there are two delivery methods; optimize and rotate. Optimize is the default setting and when this option is chosen all of your ads are not being equally displayed because AdWords chooses which is the “best” performer and focuses on it. You can change this setting at the campaign level, and I suggest you do so.
  • In Yahoo, the setting is called “optimize ad display.” However, if you want to evenly test your ads, you need to make sure that ad optimizer is not selected. You can alter this setting at the ad group level, under the tab ‘General Information.’ Select ‘no’ for the option of “Optimize Ad Display.”

When you write multi-variant ad texts, and alter your ad serving method so that each ad variation is displayed evenly, then you’ll be on your way to increasing your clicks, and conversions! Remember; this process NEVER ENDS. You may find an ad text that appeals best to your audience, but you need to continuously test against it. You never know what you’ll find out there in the open waters of the PPC ocean!