Improving your paid search results is an ongoing challenge – CPCs are constantly rising, and finding new areas for optimization can be increasingly difficult. A critical, but often overlooked part of an SEM strategy is focusing on call conversions.

Mobile search drives billions of calls to business each year, and calls convert at a higher rate than digital leads. When properly optimized, calls can have a transformational impact on your bottom line. Join this webinar as we partner with Invoca to teach you tactical tips and smart strategies to boost your PPC results with call analytics.

We’ll cover:

  • How to think about voice search as part of your holistic strategy
  • The ROI of incorporating calls into your PPC strategy
  • Tactics to optimize against robocalls and wasted ad spend
  • Ways to leverage AI-powered call conversion data and caller insights to optimize your targeting and bidding strategies, in real time
  • Mobile-friendly and impact to PPC costs and why it matters
  • Changes in mobile traffic and associated revenue
  • Splitting your campaigns by mobile vs desktop to improve conversions and ROI
  • How users typically use voice in their search
  • Voice search examples, adding call extensions or click-to-call ads