Sometimes we get questions about who, exactly, should be going to a search marketing conference like Hero Conf. And while we tend to think it would be an awesome experience for everyone, we figured that making a list of who should DEFINITELY go would be fun. Where do you fit in below?

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1_ppcheroThe specialist who wants to be even more special

This one’s obvious, but it’s worth restating: PPC specialists who want first-hand knowledge from industry leaders can do no better than Hero Conf.

The roster of speakers starts with keynotes from Google’s Paul Feng and Bing’s John Gagnon, and follows through with 31 other PPC-centric sessions and keynotes.

2_sundayroastThe in-house maven with too much on their plate

We all either know one or we are one: The do-it-all type with a lot of responsibility and not a lot of time.  If that’s the case, Hero Conf was basically built for you.

Chock full of sessions to make you more efficient and networking opportunities with people who can help you out, Hero Conf can make your life a lot easier.

3_ice-cream-faceThe individual with a sweet tooth

We’re guessing a lot of people fall into this category. That’s why we’ve outfitted a break session with a real, live ice cream truck!

But these won’t be your grandma’s frozen treats: With a gourmet food truck packed with flavors ranging from Salted Caramel to Key Lime, we’ll have something for everyone.

4_Smart-cookieThe bargain hunter shopping for knowledge

Improve your overall return on investment with just 1% of your budget. Sound like a deal? Last year’s attendees thought so too. So we’re bringing back the 1-on-1 workshop sessions in which you can sit down with an expert from Hanapin Marketing to go over your PPC account with an eye for optimizations.

That’s personalized value no other conference can deliver.

5_lead-genThe tireless lead generator

There are only so many leads out there at any given moment. That’s why so many PPC specialists work relentlessly to gain even the slightest edge over their competition.

And that’s why Hero Conf has specialized sessions for cutting edge lead generation tactics.

7_Rub-elbowsThe professional who likes to rub elbows

One word says it all: Networking.

With sponsors like Bing, Acquisio and Zagg, presenters from Keurig, #PPCChat and Skullcandy, and attendees spanning the entire spectrum of the paid search industry, you’ll gain specific insights and connections not found at any other conference.

8_Erin_IveyThe night owl who wants to be entertained

All work and no play makes for a dull conference. And Hero Conf is anything but dull.

So we’ve booked live entertainment every night, including local Austin phenom Erin Ivey, the funky urban folk songstress with a golden voice.

6_career-developmentThe marketer interested in career development

Hero Conf isn’t just for established experts. It’s also a place to learn.

Like any marketing specialty, paid search is a combination of art and science that looks like magic from the outside. Hero Conf helps uncloud the mysteries.

9_what_nowThe website owner ready for the next step

Plenty of our attendees aren’t squarely in the PPC industry. They’re executives or site owners looking to expand their business and their reach with new techniques—or find someone who can.

Hero Conf makes that possible.

10_AustinThe fan of Austin, Texas

Is there a better city in the world? Its residents regularly argue that there is not.

And during spring when it’s packed with cutting-edge tech conferences and a nonstop music scene, it’s hard to argue. Hero Conf embraces that high-energy attitude—with an innovative schedule and nightly events, it’s the perfect bridge into the world of Austin.

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