Google has been busy recently making several updates to the features and policies for AdWords.  Get the latest AdWords updates on the Add-On for Google Sheets, the Notes feature in the new UI, Account Deactivation, and linking to Google Optimize.

AdWords Launches Add-On for Google Sheets

Google recently announced a new Google Sheets Add-On that gives AdWords users the ability to import AdWords data directly into Sheets.  The Add-On allows users to create custom reports in Sheets, without going through a third-party Add-On, like Supermetics.

Report data can be customized by selecting which columns and date range the data should be pulled from.  The data can be further refined using AdWords filters available within the Add-On.

Reports can be saved and refreshed on a monthly or weekly basis as needed.  Regular reporting can be as simple as refreshing the report with the Add-On and sharing a link to the report.

This tool is extremely useful for marketers who aren’t currently using a third-party Add-On to pull platform data directly in Google Sheets.  Automating regular reports will free up resources to tackle the larger initiatives that have a larger impact on your account’s performance.

Notes Now Available in New AdWords Interface

Google announced earlier this year that notes would be added to the new AdWords UI to help users keep track of contextual information about performance.  The Notes feature became available in the new AdWords UI in May.

Notes can be created and edited via the performance graph, the notes panel, or the report table.  Adding a Note via the performance graph allows a user to attach a note to a specific data point on the graph.  The notes panel allows users to add a Note to any date range or view a Note from any date range.  Users can also add notes to the report table.

The Notes feature will help AdWords users keep notes about performance organized and in one place.  This feature will be especially valuable if an account has multiple team members or if account management is being transitioned to a new team.

Google Optimize & AdWords Integration

On May 30, Google announced a new feature that AdWords users to link to the Google Optimize platform.  Linking AdWords to Optimize will allow users to test web pages at a more granular level than ever before.

Google Optimize allows users to create and monitor web page variation experiments and helps the user understand how web page variations perform against a set goal.  Linking Optimize to AdWords will allow AdWords users to see how web page variations perform across different campaigns or audiences.

With audience and web page performance data linked, marketers can identify which web page variation works best for each individual audience.  This integration provides the ability for digital marketers to serve the optimal web page experience for each individual audience that is targeted.

AdWords Deactivating Non-Spending Accounts

Google announced earlier this year that AdWords accounts that have not spent in the last 15 months would be deactivated beginning in May.  On May 8th, Google announced via Twitter that accounts were beginning to be deactivated.

Google will send an email notification if your account is deactivated for not spending.  Don’t panic if your account is turned off for not spending; deactivated accounts can still be reactivated at any time.


Google has offered a diverse mix of new features and policies in its most recent round of updates.  Whether it’s webpage testing with Optimize or streamlining reporting with the AdWords add-on for Sheets, it’s clear Google is putting a high priority on building a diverse toolkit for savvy digital marketers.