The month of madness did not disappoint this year. Brackets shattered left and right. Virginia sought redemption and fought their way to a championship. The Walt Disney Company now owns 21rst Century Fox. Captain Marvel is breaking records for a female-led film. Truly it has been a busy month. In the midst of all this madness, Facebook continued updating their Campaign Manager and other features leaving us marketers to play catch up. Fear not, this posting will have you all caught up with the top 5 updates and ready to enjoy the flawless April weather (*cough cough* early April blizzard).

1. Notifications

Facebook added more functionality to their notification feature to help better organize how the interface flags certain instances. Their main focus was on accounts, ads, & pages which they deemed the 3 major categories that marketers care to be notified about. This update could also be the reason that inboxes were filling up with post comments, page interactions, and generally more notifications than before the update.

The biggest takeaway from this update is to manage and reorganize your notification settings to fit within the scope of accounts, ads, & pages you manage. To some, this means turning off post notifications and to others, this means turning on billing and overall account notifications.

Directions for customizing your notification settings can be found here on Facebook’s Ad Help Center.

2. “On Behalf of” Designation

Another cool organizational update that Facebook rolled out in March is the “On Behalf of” designation for accounts. This simple update does not affect performance or anything within the account, rather, it allows agencies or marketing partners to designate which accounts they work on behalf of other organizations.

Why does this matter?

This small tweak allows companies to better control the extent to which agencies or marketers can access their information or change certain settings. It also allows for companies to grant or revoke access to the marketer with the press of a button.

More information on this designation can be found here.

3. Carry Over Existing Interactions When Duplicating Ads

This is my favorite update that Facebook rolled out in March. If you duplicate ads without changing the creative; you now have the option to carry over existing engagements with that duplicated ad. Engagements include comments, likes, shares, etc. Additionally, this feature is still in implementation and may not be available to everyone yet. Post engagements will not be duplicated if there is a change in creative in Facebook.

Why is this so cool?

Traction! You can target new audiences and hit new geographical locations while still appearing like your ad has been there the whole time. The likes and comments carry over and your ad looks as engaging as ever.

4. 1 New All-Encompassing Creative Selector

This is a relatively minor update meant to clean up the ad section of the Campaign Manager and improve workflow. Sometimes it is about the little things. The new format selector in the ad section of the Campaign Manager is meant to unify the creative selection process and make it easier to edit and select the right creatives. The new selection is called “Single Image or Video”.

5. Review & Editing Updates

The final Facebook updates worth noting are about the review process after changes have occurred. The highlight update is straight out of the editor style playbook and I’m sure it will be quietly rejoiced. The Campaign Manager will have the ability to highlight any edited fields of previously published fields making bulk operations more seamless. Editing should become a simpler process due to the use of color indicating where changes were made in a more visual manner.

Highlight feature within Facebook's Campaign Manager indicating changes were made.

Additionally, outside of color-coding, you will have the ability to see your before and after changes side-by-side making comparisons and performance reviewing that much easier. These review features are also still rolling out to all advertisers so please be patient and stay on the lookout!

That’s All Folks!

That’s it for March updates! Thanks for reading and if you want to check for updates from previous months, you can visit here.

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