Advertising on Amazon seems like a no-brainer to many B2C advertisers. Amazon is full of high intent users who are ready to buy. In addition to advertising on Amazon, Amazon launched their Demand Side Platform (DSP) last year – and it has helped evolve the way marketers think about and implement programmatic advertising. 

The usage of Amazon DSP helps businesses gain powerful insights and performance data that wasn’t easily obtained before. Through this information, businesses are seeing incremental results.

Join Hanapin Marketing’s Cassie Oumedian and Bryan Gaynor as they walk you through the 5 reasons your business should be taking advantage of the capabilities of Amazon DSP – as well as results businesses are seeing from the platform.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why Amazon DSP is so powerful for advertisers.
  2. The types of ads and creative available on Amazon DSP.
  3. Expected results from Amazon DSP adoption.