Get a sneak peek at Hero Conf 2013 with speaker Jeff Allen and Hanapin Account Manager, Dave Rosborough as they reveal 8 New Cutting Edge PPC Techniques for 2013! With a combined 13 years of PPC Experience, our very own PPC Heroes know all the ins and outs of PPC. Allen & Rosborough bring their leading knowledge of cutting edge PPC together in this webinar.

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1. What do you do if you create a top performer campaign but it spends without converting?

This is a common concern and does happen. With anything I would say make sure to do a back up of the account by downloading it through the editor. That way if things do go haywire you can revert the changes you made.

2. Where can we set the QS tracker in Adwords? I am doing this QS comparison manually!

The QS tracker referenced on the webinar is a script you have to create within AdWords using the “Script” page under the “bulk operations” tab. Here are more details about AdWords scripts.

3. Why don’t you leave the top performers in the old campaign and move the other keywords out?

Typically I do it this way because of ease. It is easier to move 5 keywords out of 5 different campaigns then move a couple thousand keywords out of 5 campaigns. It also puts the top performers all in one place (since your top performing keywords probably do not all come from one campaign.

 4. Of the 8 topics discussed today, which do you feel has been the most beneficial for your account(s)?

I feel further segmentation has been the most effective. It makes it easier to spot problems and bid appropriately.

5. Do Remarketing for Search Ads (RFSA) compete with my standard search ads?

Yes, they could. If you have a search remarketing list with a user on it and you have that keyword in a search remarketing campaign and a normal search marketing campaign it could compete. You can prevent it by not having the same keywords but maybe you want to serve different messaging to people revisiting the site so you may want to target the same keywords but bid the search remarketing up so it wins in that case.

6. In remarketing, what does expand membership duration mean?

 In remarketing audiences you can set the membership duration. This is how long after a cookie is placed that a user stays on the list. So if the duration is set to 30 days, you will show ads to those users who have visited the site in the past 30 days.

  7. Is it uncommon to be given free reign to spend until I drop if ROAS stay steady?

It is rare that a client will just completely open up budget since money is often a limited resource. Even if ROAS is 5x goal, the money to fund the marketing has to compete with money for inventory, etc. SO while not uncommon to raise budgets along with ROAS, it tends to be somewhat limited by available capital.

8.  When talking Segmentation strategies – What is the difference between interest and physical location?

Physical location targeting means the user is actually located within the location you are targeting. Location interest means that they are looking for something within your target location. Think hotels. Physical location means that you are in New York and search for Hotels. You will get hotels in new york from advertisers who have opted into physical location targeting. If you are in New York and search Los Angeles Hotels, then you may get an ad set to target LA but the targeting setting is location of interest.

9.    Did Google recently make a change regarding keywords and geographic targeting?  I am geographically targeting in Boston but ads are “restricted by targeting” because they contain location keywords (i.e “NH”,  “New Hampshire”, etc.).  Any help on this?

You may be set to target location of interest? If that were the case and you were bidding on keywords that contain NH but to people interested in the geo Boston, I could see having that issue. I would check the setting to make sure you are targeting the physical location Boston.
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