Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture (this picture?) is worth a thousand words, or so I’ve always been told. Last month I was working with one of my clients on landing page ideas. The landing pages we had were OK, and generating a 2.98% conversion rate. I was honestly stuck on coming up with new ideas for landing pages and was relieved when I had an epiphany. My landing page had no pictures!I quickly scrambled and had my client put together some screen shots of their product (a web-based application) and put it right-smack in the middle of my text-heavy content. Granted I did make a few minor tweaks to the text, but the single biggest change was the image. Guess what happened!?! My conversion rate jumped 44% – up to 4.28% for the rest of June.This simple change has made a monumental difference in my account’s performance. Now I really know the value of a picture — be it a thousand words, or a conversion rate spike!

(photo courtesy of the Matazone Blog)