Funny Ad Testing
Hint: This isn't on our list.

It’s a new year PPC Hero readers, and that means it’s time to stop putting off all the things you promised you’d do in 2011 and really start doing them! First on your list? Ad testing for increased account performance. At least that’s where we’re starting, with the first PPC management series of 2012: How to Ad Test Using Best Practices.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “But I DO ad test!” We don’t doubt you, really. Most PPC account managers are doing some form of testing, but the staff here at PPC Hero wants to be sure our readers are implementing ad-testing strategies that are best practice moving forward with the new year.

Here’s a quick look at the topics we’ll be covering in the coming week in regards to ad testing and how to do it so you get the best results. Make sure you check back daily for the next step in the ad testing process!

Monday: General Best Practices for Ad Testing – Dave

Tuesday: Setting Up an Ad Test – Felicia

Wednesday: Running an Ad Test – Sarah

Thursday: Why Ad Testing is Important & Challenges When Testing – Kayla

Friday: Series Wrap-Up

**Thanks to Amplify for the picture!