Google has recently released new PPC targeting options: demographic targeting. With this option you can specify the age and gender you would like to target with your PPC ads. Currently, this option is available to a limited number of AdWords advertisers. Like that of MSN, age and gender targeting in AdWords allows advertisers to select a specific gender and age group for each campaign. For example, if you own an online wedding store you could select your ads to only be shown to women ages 18 – 30.

This will help eliminate unqualified traffic from clicking on your ads. Also, you have the opportunity to bid higher on these demographic groups to be sure your ads are in front of your target age and gender more prominently.

Demographic bidding is available for both keyword-targeted and placement-targeted campaigns. According to Google AdWords, some publishers on the Google content network know demographic details about their users. Some social networking sites, for example, often ask their users to identify themselves by age and gender.

Age and gender targeting could also be used to exclude a particular group of people. By selecting a particular age and gender for your ads to be shown, you’re essentially blocking out other users. So if you specifically don’t want for example, men ages 18 – 25 to see your ads, you can set your demographic targeting to only show to men ages 26 and above.

Here’s how to make or edit demographic bids:

  • Sign in to your AdWords account.
  • Select the name of the campaign you want to edit.
  • Click ‘Edit Campaign Settings.’
  • Find the Advanced Options section of the campaign settings page. Next to the heading ‘Demographics,’ click ‘View and edit options.’
  • If this is the first time you’ve made demographic bids, you’ll see a page with details on demographic bidding. After reviewing the page, click ‘Get Started.’ (If you have edited your bids before, you’ll be taken directly to the next page.)
  • On the demographic bidding page, find the gender or age groups (such as 25-34) for which you want to adjust your bid.
  • In the ‘Make Adjustments’ column for that demographic group, click Edit.
  • A separate box will open. In the CPM+ field provided, enter the % amount you would like to add to your bid for that group.
  • Click ‘Apply Changes.’

Demographic targeting is currently only available for a limited number of advertisers. However, according to my Google rep all you have to do is contact a rep at Google and ask for the feature to be added to your account.