As you may, or may not, know the Google content network is a mysterious beast. It can certainly generate a great wealth of traffic, but that traffic isn’t always of the highest quality. However, if you can achieve the right balance of appearing on the content network while maintaining a positive ROI, then you’re ahead of the game. I think we do a pretty good job of utilizing the Google’s content network but we’re always looking for more information and tips that help us do even better. Brad Geddes has written a short blog post about the content work; the article is short but helpful!

The tips to enhance your landing pages never end! And that’s okay with me. Good landing pages are vital to your PPC strategy so I feel like we can’t talk about them enough. Jon Miller over at Search Engine Land gives us two practical landing page tricks that will save you money. Who doesn’t want to save money? And taking a step back to look at the post-click experience, Scott Brinker at No More Landing Pages has written an interesting article on the 5 fundamentals of great post-click marketing.

This post from the adCenter blog has some good tips for expanding your keyword lists. While the post was written for those advertisers using adCenter, the tips have general application. When expanding your keyword lists, don’t forget to include plural and singular versions, mutations/misspellings, and related terms.

In this article, Gordon Choi takes a look at the challenges ahead for PPC management in 2008. His musings range from educating clients on the benefits of PPC, recruiting new staff, balancing service vs. actual account work to improving ad copy writing and finding alternatives to paying higher CPCs.

When Yahoo! promises new tools and system upgrades, they deliver! Upgrades to the keyword generator tool are great and even the enhanced ad optimization is pretty cool (now you can optimize by conversions, revenue instead of just CTR) — but what really got me was that Yahoo! finally increased the cap on Excluded Keywords (negative keywords). Previously the limit was 50, now we can add up to 250!