AdWords Express Now Available in UK and Germany

Google announced that AdWords Express will now be available to all UK and Germany advertisers. Google released AdWords Express earlier this year as a way to help local merchants to get more local customers coming to their websites.  In case this looks familiar to you, it used to be called Google Boost.

Basically how AdWords Express works is you give Google your local business information, address, phone, website, hours of operation, etc.  They take that info in puts up relevant ads to users and Google Searchers based on their browser.  The users will see your Google places page with all your information and website.  It will also show the reviews that you have received from your customers.  So if you don’t have any reviews please make sure that you get those as those will help you.

I have tried out AdWords Express with several clients and have liked the results.  It’s a quick and easy system that you can use for clients and customers that aren’t doing a lot of PPC and who’s main focus is driving people to their place of business.  I have found that setting up an AdWords campaign to specific pages in the website will work much better for some things and this better for other things.  One really nice thing as you can see in the picture above is it putts your business as a “blue” pointer, setting you apart from the rest.

Setting everything up should take less than 10 minutes to complete everything. One thing to note as in the example below is that AdWords Express results go below regular AdWords so if you’re looking to get top results you need to find a PPC Manager that will be able to manage your ads.  If you are optimizing your Google Places account and paying for AdWords express, you will see your business 2 times in the top results.  If you really want to secure that people are seeing your business, you can do both Adwords, Express, and optimize your places account that way you’ll be 3 of the top 10 accounts.   The key is to know what you are doing.

AdWords Express can be a great way to get traffic for the average business that doesn’t want to have to mess with AdWords or PPC in general.  It takes 10 minutes to setup and no time to maintain.  Now available in the UK and Germany all these people should now be able to use AdWords Express.

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